November 14, 2005

General Revisions: October 8, 2007, October 11, 2010, October 9, 2012, July 20, 2013



Sec. 1 – The organization shall be known as Parker County Active Democrats (PCAD).

Sec. 2 – The principal office shall be in Weatherford, Texas or at such other place as determined by the executive Committee.



PCAD will promote the increased political activity and influence of Democrats in Parker County, Texas and National elections. PCAD will support the Texas State Democratic Party.



Sec. 1 – PCAD will not endorse one Democrat in opposition to another Democrat in the Primary Election except for candidates for the party offices of Precinct, County, and State Chairs, in which case PCAD can endorse and support candidates.

Sec. 2 – PCAD may affiliate with other county, state or national democratic organization(s) with the Executive Committee’s approval.

Sec. 3 – PCAD will provide training and other support for democratic organizations working in party organizations, campaigns, and/or seeking party or public office.

Sec. 4 – PCAD will work to promote increased representation of Parker County in party organizations and government institutions.

Sec. 5 – PCAD will promote legislative, executive, and judicial policies that enhance equitable representation of women and minorities in party organizations and government affairs.




Sec. 1 – Any Democrat who supports Article II – Purpose and Article V – Policies of PCAD bylaws is eligible to join PCAD.

Sec. 2 – A PCAD member shall be an individual whose dues are current.

Sec. 3 – The Executive Committee may reject the membership of any applicant.



Sec. 1 – Dues will be set by a vote of the general membership.

Sec. 2 – Membership dues are payable at the beginning of the fiscal year (Sept. 1st). Renewing members must pay dues each year to be considered a member in good standing for that year.



Sec. 1 – The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Director and Committee Chairs. 

Sec. 2 – A term of office shall be for one-year or until their successor is elected.

Sec. 3 – Terms of office begin the day after the election.



Sec. 1 – All officiers are to be elected at the Annual Meeting.

Sec. 2 – Only members who are in good standing shall be permitted to vote and be eligible for office.

Sec. 3 – The election of PCAD officiers is conducted by the Elections Committee.

Sec.4 – At least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting members who desire to run for an office in PCAD shall submit his or her name to the election committee in writing and all names submitted shall be placed before the body in an election to be held at the Annual Meeting at a time called for said purpose. In the event that no person submits his or her name for an office, the election committee shall nominate a person for that position and submit his or her name to the membership at the election. At the time of the elections, nominations may be made from the floor provided the candidate gives his/her consent.

Sec. 5 – There shall be no proxy voting.

Sec. 6 -  A person who fills an unexpired term greater than six (6) months shall be considered to have served a full term of office in determining eligibility for re-election.

Sec. 7 – In an election with two (2) candidates on the ballot, the candidate with the simple majority shall be elected. In an election with three (3) or more candidates, the candidate with fifty-one percent (51%) of the votes shall be elected. If none of the candidates receives fifty-one percent (51%), an immediate runoff election shall be held between the two candidates who receive the most votes.

Sec. 8 – Vacancies in offices shall be filled for the remainer of the term by nomination and vote of the members present at the next General Meeting.



Sec. 1 – An officer or other official of PCAD may be removed from office with notice by two thirds majority vote of the members in a regularly scheduled General Meeting in which a quorum is present. Reasons for removal from offfice include but are not limited to :

  1. Gross negligence
  2. Criminal misconduct
  3. Participation in activities which reflect unfavorably upon or result in discredit to the Association
  4. Behavior considered disruptive to the orderly conduct of PCAD
  5. Incapacitation to the degree he/she is incapable of performing the official functions required of the position or held office
  6. Failure to attend required meetings, training or other activities related to the essential proper conduct of that person’s office or position
  7. Willful violation of PCAD bylaws



Sec. 1 – The President shall:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Annual Meeting
  2. Represent PCAD publicly or designate an alternate
  3. Appoint standing committee chairs as provided in these bylaws
  4. Appoint special committees and non-voting officers as needed with approval of the Executive Committee
  5. Serve as ex-officio member on all committees, except the Elections Committee
  6. Set meeting dates and prepare agenda for each
  7. Hire employees with approval of Executive Committee, and supervise employees
  8. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as contained in these bylaws, or as prescribed by the parlimentary authority adopted in Article XIV

Sec. 2 – The Vice President shall:

  1. Perform the duties of the President when the President is absent
  2. Perform duties assigned by the President
  3. Serve on the Finance Committee
  4. Serve as a representative of PCAD as requested by the President or Executive Committee
  5. Communicate with members concerning Democratic Party affairs
  6. And such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parlimentary authority adopted in Article XIV

Sec. 3 – The Secretary shall:

  1. Be responsible for the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and regular meetings, take minutes, and distribute the minutes to the Executive Committee
  2. Report attendance of the Executive Committee members at Executive Committee meetings in the minutes
  3. Be responsible for PCAD correspondence as directed by the President
  4. Send out notices to the Executive Committee as described by the President
  5. Maintain copies of all records, agendas, minutes, reports, and resolutions for official records
  6. Maintain a current roster of elected PCAD officers, executive board members and members for distribution as directed by the President or the Executive Committee
  7. And such other duties applicable to the office as contained in these bylaws or as prescribed by the parlimentary authority adopted in Article XIV 

Sec. 4 – The Treasurer shall:

  1. Be the custodian of funds in bank accounts, pay bills upon authorization of the President or the Executive Committee;
  2. Submit a written financial report and account for all funds received and disbursed at each Executive Committee meeting, at each General Meeting, and as  prescribed by law;
  3. Serve on the Financial Committee;
  4. Provide complete member information to the Secretary and President upon receipt of that information;
  5. Keep an itemized record, in a permanent file, of all receipts and expenditures;
  6. And such other duties applicable to the office as contained in these bylaws, or as prescribed by the parlimentary authority adopted in Article XIV.


Sec. 5 – The Events Director :

  1. It is recommended the Events Director plan and organize a minimum of two fund raising events per calendar year;
  2. Shall serve on the Executive Committee;
  3. And perform such other duties applicable to the office as contained in these bylaws, or as prescribed by the parlimentary authority adopted in Article XIV.

Sec. 6 – Committee Chairs

  1. Serve on the Executive Committee;
  2. And such other duties applicable to the office as contained in these bylaws, or as prescribed by the parlimentary authority adopted in Article XIV.

Sec. 7 – At the end of a term of office, all officers shall deliver all PCAD records to their                successors within 30 days.


Sec. 1 – General membership shall meet monthly at a fixed time and place unless each member is notified 5 days in advance.

  1. A quorum for a general meeting shall consist of fifteen (15) members in good standing or one-third (1/3) of the membership roll, whichever is the lesser.

Sec. 2 – The Executive Committee shall meet monthly at a fixed time and place unless each member is notified in writing 15 days in advance.

  1. The Executive Committee Meetings are to be held one week before the regular meeting.
  2. The President or a majority of the Executive Committee members may call Special Executive Committee meetings with 5 days notice, as they deem necessary.

Sec. 3 – The Annual Meeting is to be held in April.

  1. At the Annual Meeting members will vote on business affecting the PCAD organization.
  2. Written notice of the date, time and place of the Annual Meeting shall be mailed, or emailed, to the membership at least thirty (30) days in advance.
  3. A quorum for the Annual Meeting shall consist of one third of the total membership.
  4. The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be to:
  5. Elect officers;
  6. Receive annual reports from the Officers and Committee Chairs;
  7. Review the financial statements and reports and approve the budget;
  8. Transact other business that may properly come before it.


Sec. 1 – The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Director, Chairs of Standing Committees, and the immediate past president of PCAD.

Sec. 2 – The Executive Committee shall set policy for PCAD, determine its programs, and take all actions authorized or required by these bylaws.

Sec. 3 – No member shall have more than one (1) vote and no voting by proxy shall be allowed.

Sec. 4 – A quorum shall consist of five (5) Executive Committee members. An Executive Committee members may participate by telephone or electronic means. Such member participating by telephone or electronic means shall be included in determining the existence of a quorum.



Sec. 1 - The standing committees for PCAD shall be Bylaws and Policy, Elections, Finance, Membership, Public Relations, Newsletter Publisher, Hospitality, Internet Communications, and such other Committees as shall be authorized by the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2 - The functions of the Standing Committees shall be to plan and to recommend to the Executive Committee policies and programs within their areas of responsibility. Committees shall perform other duties assigned by the Executive Committee. Their specific functions shall be:

  1. The Bylaws and Policy Committee shall annually review PCAD’s bylaws and policies and, if necessary, make recommendations for amending those policies to the Executive Board.
  2. The PCAD Elections Committee shall conduct the election of PCAD officers as provided in Article VII. This committee shall consist of three members who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee at its October Executive Committee meeting.
  3. The Finance Committee shall:
  4. Submit a budget for the subsequent fiscal year (Sept. 1st), for approval by the Executive Committee members at the August Executive  Committee meeting;
  5. Assist the Executive Committee in developing a sound financial policy.
  6. From time to time submit amendments to the budget for the current  fiscal year, which may be adopted by a majority vote of the Executive  Committee;
  7. Present reviewed and reconciled financial statements at the Annual Meeting.
  8. The treasurer shall furnish to the Finance Committee a record of all accounts, membership lists, income receipts, accounts payable, financial  statements, checks and deposit slips two weeks after the close of the fiscal year and two weeks after the annual convention.
  9. The Finance Committee shall present a preliminary report of its results to the President within thirty days of receipt of the records from the  treasurer and shall present a full written report to the Executive  Committee and at the next general meeting.
  10.  The Hospitality Committee shall provide for the comfort and well being of members and guests at General Meetings.
  11.  The Internet Communications Committee shall maintain an Internet website to promote the goals and purposes of PCAD.
  12. The Internet Committee will ensure the website reflects latest PCAD activities.
  13. The Membership Committee shall work to increase membership of the organization.
  14. The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for the public  image and visibility of PCAD. Along with the President, the chair shall contact the media regarding appropriate PCAD activities to be publicized.
  15. The Newsletter Publisher Committee shall publish a newsletter each month to be distributed to the membership as soon as possible after the Executive Committee Meeting. The newsletter shall include local political news and activities. It shall also include the date, time, location of the next regular meeting and expected program. It shall also include any  upcoming scheduled or suggested activities by the membership and letters from the membership.

Sec. 3 - The Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the President, with the exception of the Elections Committee, when the positions are vacant. The Committee Chairs shall select members to serve on their committees.

Sec. 4 - Each committee shall consist of a Chair and two (2) or more members. Committee members are appointed for one-year terms and may be reappointed.

Sec. 5 - Other committees, standing or special, shall be created by the Executive Committee as deemed necessary to carry on the work of PCAD and appointed pursuant to Section 3.



Sec. 1 - The fiscal year shall begin September 1st.

Sec. 2 - The financial statement and financial reports and the budget shall be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting.



The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern PCAD in all cases to which they are applicable  and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order that PCAD may adopt.



Should PCAD be dissolved by appropriate action of its membership, the funds and other assets shall be given to the Texas Democratic Party.



Sec. 1-The bylaws of PCAD may be amended at the Annual Meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at the Annual meeting. Written notice of a proposed by-law change shall be sent to the membership at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Sec. 2-Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by the Bylaws and Policy Committee, the Executive Committee, or by a written petition signed by five (5) eligible members.

Sec. 3-Proposed bylaw amendments must be received by the Bylaws and Policy Committee at least sixty (60) days in advance of the annual meeting.

Sec. 4-The Bylaws and Policy Committee shall be responsible for reporting the effect of any proposed bylaw change to the membership.





Sec. 1 – PCAD understands funding is the life blood of any organization and strives to effectively maximize this resource. The following guidelines will apply to PCAD financial support of county, state and national candidates:

  1. No funding is available for any non-member of the Democratic Party.
  2. No funding may be given or promised until the candidate has filed for office. No funding is to be given to reimburse filing fees.
  3. Funding requests may be submitted to any member of the Executive Committee. This request must be presented by the Executive Committee member at the next monthly meeting.
  4. Funding approval requires a 2/3 majority vote of the PCAD members present at any monthly meeting.